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Brussels sprouts


Brussels sprouts may be considered a hyper seasonal veg but they’re not just for Christmas. Brassicas grow really well in Ireland so choose local produce when possible. Irish grown brussels sprouts are usually in season from September right through to March. Look for leaves that are firm and without browning or yellowing.


Brussels sprouts are best stored in a cool, dry, dark space. They will last longer in the fridge though of course, this is not always possible. Brussels sprouts tend to dry out so it’s best to use them soon after purchasing.


Like most cabbages, Brussels sprouts can be frozen once blanched.

Freezer life

6 – 12 months

Using up

Overcooked Brussels sprouts can be blamed for the widespread aversion to this vegetable. The simplest way to prepare and enjoy sprouts is to steam them for just a few minutes. Cooking them for anything over five minutes on the hob will create a smell and by that stage you will know that they are overcooked. Consider other ways to prepare them such as stir frying, roasting, or even raw in a salad.

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