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Peaches & Nectarines


These stone fruits are best when they are in season during July and August. They are ripe when they give way slightly to a small press of the finger. The colour of the skin is not a sign of maturity but of the variety.


In season, they are often available for sale ready to be eaten. Storing in a paper bag for one or two days will speed up the ripening process.

Avoid keeping these fruits in the fridge for more than 48 hours, as they become dehydrated, the skin will wrinkle and the flesh quickly becomes floury.

Bananas, apples and pears produce ethylene gas which causes other fruits to ripen. You may want to store your peaches and nectarines near to these fruits to ripen them faster or store separately so that they last longer.


Cut peaches or nectarines in half, pull out the stone and freeze in a sealed, labelled bag.

Freezer life

up to 6 months

Using up

Peaches soaked in wine is an easy dessert that always pleases. Just immerse the peaches, cut in quarters, in red wine and add a little sugar. Peaches and nectarines also work well in savoury dishes.

Good to know!

Roald Dahl’s famous book James and the Giant Peach was inspired by Dahl’s own orchard.

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