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Similar to other kinds of cabbages, it grows well all year long in Ireland so always keep an eye out for  locally-produced kale.


Kale will last longer in the fridge. You can either store the whole bunches or prep them first (kale is one of the only greens that remains fresh even if washed and prepared a few days before). To store the whole bunches, wrap the leaves in kitchen paper or some kind of wrapping, before putting them into the fridge.


You can freeze the leaves of the kale after having blanched them (that is to say, boiling them in water for 1 or 2 minutes).

Freezer life

Up to 8 months.

Using up

You can use kale in salads, on toast, in a smoothie, in soup, in pesto or pasta sauces…

Making kale crisps by roasting the leaves with oil and salt is an excellent way to get through a large amount.

Good to know!

Kale is jam-packed full of nutrients and is often referred to as a ‘superfood’. Unlike many of the other superfoods you hear about, it can be locally produced so it’s good for the planet as well as your health!

For information about how to grow your own kale, check GIY’s website!

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