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The softer a kiwi, the riper it is. The skin should not be wrinkled, stained or bruised.


Unripened kiwis will keep for several weeks in the fridge. Outside the fridge, they can last for up to one week.


When it comes to freezing, kiwis are best frozen in slices. To prevent them from clumping together, freeze them first on a tray for 1 hour before transferring them into a freezer bag.

Freezer life

6 to 12 months

Using up

Chop into a fruit salad for a lovely splash of colour. If you have frozen kiwi slices, coat them in melted choclate for a quick, delicious snack! Kiwi skin is edible and contains a lot of nutrients.

Good to know!

Kiwis contain more Vitamin C than oranges!

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