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Scuffs or specs on an apple are perfectly normal but obvious signs of bruising or decay mean that storage life will be limited. If possible, buy locally grown apples. Irish apples are at their peak from September until December.


Apples kept in the fridge can remain fresh for up to a month. If the fridge is full, store in a cool, dry place. Like pears and bananas, apples give off ethylene gas which speeds up the ripening of fruits nearby. Unless you actually want to ripen other fruit, store apples separately.

Place any damaged apples out on the counter as they should be eaten soon. As the saying goes, ‘one bad apple…’


Chop and core raw apples and add some lemon juice to avoid browning. Warning – apples have a high water content and so will lose their crunch after freezing. Stewing them first saves space in the freezer.

Feeling superhuman? Make a whole apple tart and freeze it.

Freezer life

Up to 6 months.

Using up

Small quantities of apple can be used up in soups, salads, coleslaw or bread. Old or damaged apples are still great stewed, perfect for baking or adding to porridge.

Good to know!

The Irish apple variety Ard Cairn Russet actually tastes like banana…no really, it does!

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