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All forms of dried rice have a very long shelf life. As with all food, make your purchasing choices based on what you will actually eat rather than what you think you ought to eat.


Cooked rice that has been kept in the fridge should be eaten within 3 days.


Cooked rice can be frozen and this is a great way to prevent food waste. To avoid the room taken up by containers, pack rice into freezer bags. Flatten the bags to make storing easy and efficient. Either de-frost in the fridge or microwave or use straight from frozen.

Freezer life

3 months

Using up

Because dried rice stores so well and is so versatile, it is the perfect ingredient for turning other leftovers into tasty meals that even kids will love. Experiment with curries, risottos and stir fries. Leftover rice can be transformed by frying it in a pan with oil, some seasoning, and an egg.

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