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Choose mangos with a firm feel and smooth skin. The colour of a mango depends on the variety. It is not an indication of ripeness. The best way to check a mango’s ripeness is by smell – ripe mangoes have a sweet scent.


Mangos will ripen at room temperature. Storing in a paper bag for one or two days will speed up the ripening process. The fridge is not ideal for tropical fruits, and should be avoided.


Cut mangos in half, peel, remove the stone and freeze in a sealed, labelled bag. They can also be mashed and frozen as puree.

Freezer life

6 – 12 months

Using up

A small amount of mango, even if over ripe will sweeten a smoothie. If you’ve a mushy mango you need to use up, stir the mango pulp through an Indian style curry.

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