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Choose crisp tightly formed bunches of celery, without yellow leaves or brown spots.


While celery can be stored in a cool dry cupboard, it is best stored in the fridge. To revive soft celery, soak it in ice-cold water for 20 minutes or put in a jug of water as you would flowers.


Though it is possible to freeze celery, due to its high water content it doesn’t freeze very well. To freeze, first chop the celery into small pieces, and blanch it for 2 minutes. The frozen pieces can be incorporated into cooked dishes.

Freezer life

3-6 months

Using up

Celery adds flavour to soups and stews. It is part of the Italian Soffritto base for sauces. This is a combination of carrots, onions and celery roughly chopped and cooked with a little oil and seasoning over a low heat for up to an hour.

Good to know!

Celery leaves can also be used as seasoning. Fresh or dried, finely chopped, they are a substitute for herbs or parsley.

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