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Oranges, Clementines & Grapefruits


Make sure to check all of the individual fruits if they are in a net. Choose firm and heavy fruits with a smooth skin. Generally, the colour is indicative of variety rather than quality.


If there’s space, keep these fruits in the fridge. If not, they’ll do fine in a cool, dry place. In general, they will keep for about one month in the fridge or for one week at room temperature (they will be juicier if kept at room temperature). Avoid storing close together such as in a fruit bowl – they are better stored on their own and with enough space for air to circulate between them.


It is best to freeze citrus fruits without their skin but they can be frozen whole or sliced.

Freeze the zest (peels) if you do not intend to use it straight away.

Freezer life

up to 1 year

Using up

Use the zest for muffins, scones, granola or sauces.

Good to know!

If you love orange juice, it is best to consume it directly after pressing because Vitamin C is impaired by contact with light and oxygen.

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