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Pumpkin is a seasonal vegetable that you’ll find mostly during the autumn but you may be able to source them outside of the holiday season because they store well and taste so good. The biggest kinds of pumpkins are best for carving, the smaller ones are favoured for cooking because they are less woody and taste better. Use the flesh of bigger pumpkins for baking and cooking such as baked pumpkin cheesecake or a pumpkin soup.


An uncut pumpkin can be stored for up to 12 weeks. To maximise its lifetime, keep it in a cool, dry and dark place. If cut, keep it in the fridge and consume it within 2 or 3 days.


You can freeze pumpkin raw. You just have to peel it, remove the seeds and cut it into chunks.

Freezer life

6 to 8 months.

Using up

Pumpkin flesh can be turned into a good warming soup or a sweet pie, while the roasted seeds will constitute a perfect snack with a lot of nutrients!

Good to know!

Everything is good in the pumpkin: the flowers and the leaves are edible too! The leaves are commonly used in Korean cuisine. They are packed with vitamins and minerals.

For information about how to grow your own pumpkin, check Grow it yourself’s website!

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