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When buying chillies, they should be unwrinkled, with a firm and glossy skin.


To keep chillies for longer, the best thing to do is dry them. Dried chillies can then be powdered or rehydrated later.


To freeze, you can simply wash and dry the chillies and drop them in a container. The chilli can also be roasted or cut before being put in the freezer. It’s super handy to use chillies from frozen by grating them as required straight from the freezer à la Jamie Oliver.

Freezer life

10 to 12 months.

Using up

Chillies can of course be used to prepare the famous ‘Chili con carne’, but they can also be added to any other dish you would like to spice up!

Good to know!

Always be very careful when chopping chillies because its oil could burn your skin. Don’t put in contact lenses after handling chillies! *We learned this lesson the hard way…

For information about how to grow your own chillies, check Grow it yourself’s website!

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