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Stop Food Waste is a programme funded under the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) since 2009.

In light of the significant environmental and social issues arising from the disposal of food waste, and the realisation of the costs associated with this, the EPA set out to promote food waste prevention and home composting.

The Stop Food Waste programme is managed by The Clean Technology Centre (CTC) and involves a multi-disciplinary team, based around the country.

The programme works with householders, communities, schools, local authorities (through the Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN)), Tidy Towns groups, Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) and businesses, providing comprehensive information about the food we waste and how it can be prevented. As there will always be some unavoidable food waste, the programme also provides training and information on home composting.

Meet the Team

Colum, in a wetsuit, holding his surfboard

Colum Gibson

Colum, the programme manager, is an environmental consultant and researcher in the CTC. A chemist in his past life, he has been working in sustainability and waste prevention for over 15 years. He is a firm believer that everyone of us can have a positive daily impact on our environment, once we know how. When not rummaging through bins, he can be found somewhere in his beloved south Kerry gardening, swimming or surfing.


Sarah Broderick

Sarah is an environmental scientist who joined the team in 2016. She loves the outdoors and has a particular interest in sustainability. Her work with the programme made her realise the strong link between food and climate change, prompting her to set up a small polytunnel in the garden and get growing herself. Based in the CTC, she also works on food waste in business and community-based sustainability projects. Sarah is involved in the programme’s administration and communication.


Keelin Tobin

Keelin has been working with Stop Food Waste since 2017. She has a passion for all things food. She previously worked as a chef, holds a Masters in Anthropology of Food (focussing of food waste), a degree in Food Policy, and a Research Masters in Business. Keelin sits on the steering committee of Cork Food Policy Council and in her spare time she plays percussion with Cork City Samba Band. Based in the Clean Technology Centre, Keelin’s work includes communication and administration.


Craig Benton

Craig has been the lead Master Composter Trainer since the programme began and is now the facilitator for the Greater Dublin Area. He is an expert in both home and commercial composting. Originally from the US, he started training composters in Seattle in 1984 . In 2003, he moved to Ireland and helped start the Irish commercial composting industry. Over his career, Craig has trained over 1,000 people in composting and food waste prevention.


Donal O’Leary

Based in Macroom, Co. Cork, Donal is the Southwest facilitator. He became interested in waste management while working in a large industrial bakery, and has since studied both Applied Psychology and Field Ecology. His research and practical applications of waste management led him to develop a keen interest in composting, specifically vermiculture (composting with worms). Through his work with Stop Food Waste, voluntary activities and his business Waste Down he aims to promotes environmental awareness and synergy with nature.


Mike Holden

Originally from England, Mike spent 8 years in West Cork living off-grid up a mountain, growing vegetables, planting trees and milking goats. Since coming down from the mountain he has worked as a trainer, facilitator and project manager focussing on sustainability initiatives. Mike joined Stop Food Waste in 2014, now based in the EcoVillage, Cloughjordan, he is our facilitator for the Midlands. Mike has a particular interest in how sociological and psychological factors affect behaviour change.


Betty Kehoe

Betty Kehoe became the South East facilitator in 2014, having attended a Master Composter training herself. Her background is in garden design, landscaping and garden maintenance. Betty considers herself as an environmentalist. She is dedicated to using and passing on her skills to protect the natural environment. Betty’s infectious enthusiasm for nature fuels her work with communities to effect changes in attitudes towards food waste prevention and home composting.


Adrian Connolly

Adrian, our wonderful graphic designer, has been working with Stop Food Waste since 2009. He is passionate about helping people reduce food waste. His love for art, communication and design help the Stop Food Waste team convey their message in a fun and engaging way.

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