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Make sure to check all of the lemons if they are in a net. If you want to use the lemon zest (skin), consider choosing organic lemons. The skin of non-organic lemons may contain pesticides and fungicides.


If there’s space, keep lemons in the fridge. If not, they’ll do fine in a cool, dry place. A cut lemon loses its vitamins quickly and must be refrigerated. To preserve a cut lemon, sprinkle it with salt, wrap it with cling flim or keep the end that was sliced off and stick it back on the remaining lemon with a toothpick.


Freeze ice cubes of lemon juice or lemon zest. These are perfect for use later in lemon water, cocktails or salads. Lemon slices can be frozen and added to drinks instead of ice.

Freezer life

Up to 1 year

Good to know!

A squeezed lemon has lots of uses around the house – disinfect your sink by rubbing it with the inside or pop squeezed lemon halves into your dishwasher to give your glasses a natural sparkle!

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