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Lettuce should have firm, green leaves with no signs of decay or wilting. Always check the underside of a head of lettuce as one rotting leaf can spoil the whole head very quickly. Try and buy only the amount of lettuce that you will use. Bagged, prepped lettuce won’t last as long as a head of lettuce with a root ball. This can be planted and will continue to grow whilst you harvest leaves from it. Better still, grow your own from seed!


Store lettuce in the fridge in a rigid container, lined with damp kitchen paper to prevent the leaves getting squished and to slow wilting. Wash leaves only just before use.

Using up

You can incorporate lettuce (even if it’s a little damaged) into vegetable soup. Use up leaves in omelettes, quiches and sandwiches or blitz them up to make pesto! Revive wilted leaves by soaking them in ice-cold water for 15 – 20 minutes. If you buy greens such as rocket or spinach when the weather is cold, try a ‘winter salad’; spoon hot soup or stew over the fresh greens just before you eat it.


Lettuce does not freeze due to its high water content.

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