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Berries have a short shelf-life so try to buy them as close to when you’re planning on using them as possible. Buying berries when they are in season should help, and they will taste better then too. When you’re shopping, pick up the berries last. This should help to avoid the shopping-basket squish.

  • Blueberries – late summer
  • Raspberries – summer and autumn
  • Cranberries – autumn and early winter


Wash berries only when you are about to use them. Most types can be kept for a few days in the fridge. Keep an eye on them and quickly remove any berries that are going bad.

  • Blueberries & raspberries – These can get damaged easily so store carefully and try and keep containers level so they don’t get squashed.
  • Cranberries – These hardy berries will keep for several weeks in the fridge.


Freezing is a great way to store berries. To prevent berries from clumping together, freeze them first on a tray for 1 hour before transferring them into a freezer bag. If possible, don’t thaw them completely when using, so that they will keep their texture.

Freezer life

up to 1 year

Using up

Use up berries in smoothies, muesli, porridge, pancakes, cakes or savoury sauces.

Good to know!

To prevent blueberries from falling to the bottom of a cake, coat them with flour before mixing them within the cake mixture.

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