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Be careful to buy only the amount of milk needed. Although it is cheaper to buy 2 litres rather than one, it ends up more expensive if this extra milk is thrown away.


Milk should always be stored in the fridge. If storing for more than a couple of days, avoid putting it in the door. The door is the warmest part of the fridge and experiences the most temperature fluctuations. Milk should be returned to the fridge as soon as possible.

It has been estimated that milk sitting for an hour at room temperature deteriorates as much as milk kept in the fridge for a whole day.


Milk can be frozen. Be aware that it will expand so you may need to use up a little bit from the bottle initially, to make extra space in the container.

Freezer life

up to 1 month


There are loads of recipes requiring milk so if you find yourself with milk to spare that might otherwise go off, use it up in rice pudding, white sauce, or custard. Alternatively, make pancakes which you can also freeze.

Good to know!

Milk “on the turn” can be used in baking. It’s perfect for making homemade brown bread. However, if the milk has separated, it’s best not to use it. Try this traditional brown bread recipe from Chef Kevin Dundon.

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