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Irish tomatoes are best during the season from May to September. Look for tomatoes that are brightly coloured, with smooth skin and without obvious bruising. If you are buying tomatoes on the vine, the ones that have fallen off the vine are usually riper and should be eaten first, while the ones still on the vine will keep for longer.


Store in the open air, not in the fridge: the flavour and texture of the tomato deteriorate at temperatures below 15ºC.


For freezing tomatoes, you have some choices:

  • Freeze whole tomatoes
  • Blanch, peel and drain the tomatoes (cool before freezing)
  • Chop and cook to reduce water content, add basil and store as a concentrated tomato puree. Ice cube trays are great for this. These portions are perfect for your next soup or pasta dish

Freezer life

Freeze tomatoes for up to 6 months but ideally consume within 4 months as the texture will change over time.

Good to know!

Tomatoes are actually a fruit not a vegetable but they are in the same family as the potato.

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