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Much of the garlic in our supermarkets comes all the way from China. If possible, choose garlic grown closer to home.


Garlic will last for weeks if stored at room temperature in a dry and dark place. Avoid putting cloves in the fridge. However, sliced garlic will need to be refrigerated. Make sure to contain it so as to avoid other foods taking on a garlic smell.


Garlic cloves can be frozen whole and peeled. If you have the time, it will freeze better if crushed and added to olive oil (or blended together with butter). Freeze in an ice cube tray and add to cooking directly from the freezer.

Freezer life

6 months

Using up

Don’t throw out garlic just because it has started to sprout, it can still be used, sprout and all. Although not necessary, to avoid using the sprout, cut the clove lengthways and remove it before chopping.

Good to know!

For more information on growing garlic, take a look at this skills tutorial from GIY.


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