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Waste-free Christmas Festivities!

Waste-free Christmas Festivities!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – a time for giving and spending time with our loved ones. However, it is also a peak time for food waste.

To help you get in the waste-free Christmas spirit, we’ve got all the tips you’ll need to prevent food waste this year.

Planning before the festivities:

  1. Take stock – free up space in your freezer for festive food AND any leftovers you plan on saving after the big day. Start working through stocks.
  2. Reflect – think back to what you used/didn’t use up last. If you are this year, you will need to prepare for the number of people joining and don’t forget to consider dietary requirements, so you don’t end up cooking a whole turkey and ham for a table of recently converted vegans!
  3. Make your shopping list (and check it twice) – this year make sure you jot down a list before braving the festive shopping battleground. And beware the multi-deals, and special offers – these are designed to make you over-buy, so only get what you know you’ll need and use up.
  4. Store food properly – Check the ‘use-by’ date when shopping, especially on perishables like dairy and meat, to be sure they will be good when you plan to eat them. This will save you buying more when there is no need.

During the festivities:

  1. Be mindful of portions – don’t put yourself under pressure to cook more than will be enjoyed on the day (and the day afterwards!). Lots of leftovers can be savoured and preserved but you’ll save yourself time, stress and valuable oven space if you can plan portion sizes in advance!
  2. Let people serve themselves – Instead of dishing up plates for everyone round the table, why not serve up in larger dishes and allow people to help themselves. It means anyone can help themselves to seconds if they want to, and when knives and forks are laid down, it’s easier to properly store the leftovers.
  3. Keep an eye on use-by dates – Serve and eat the more perishable foods first and then bring out the longer life food.

The aftermath:

  1. Love your Christmas leftovers – Christmas leftovers are ideal for the slow days between Christmas and New Year’s where you just want to relax and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Our personal leftover favourite is turkey sandwiches but we have a full breakdown on how to use up your turkey, ham, brussels sprouts and more

We hope these tips will help you at all stages of the Christmas season and that they will encourage you to make some positive New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Food Waste.

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