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How Fit is your Fridge?

How Fit is your Fridge?

Is your fridge a champion?

There are simple, practical ways that you can use your fridge to save money, make the most of your food and avoid waste. It’s just about knowing how to optimise it.

Over two weeks, we will be showing you how to start where you are, use what you have and do what you can in three easy stages. We’ll be posting on our social media every day about how you can flex your organisation skills and maximise your fridge.

Simple changes for big impact!


Get started today:

Step 1: Check it

  • Before you go shopping, take a fridge ‘shelfie’. You can refer to the photo while in the shop to see what you have/need. This will help you build meals based on what’s in your fridge already and avoid buying what you don’t need.
  • Start your fridge fitness with an assessment – what temperature is it set at?  Do a quick check and make sure the temperature of your fridge is between 0-5°C – ideally 4°C.
  • If food is close to the ‘use-by’ date, eat it or get it in the freezer. Food can be frozen right up to its use-by date – keep an eye on dates and save food for future gains.

Step 2: Sort it

  • Let the food that needs to be eaten soonest muscle its way to the front – check dates and bring the oldest food up to the front and make a plan to use it while it’s still good.
  • If you are living with housemates, share food with them you won’t get to eat – create a ‘share shelf’ where everyone knows the food placed there is up for grabs.
  • Organise your fridge to keep food at the right temperature – dairy at the top, cooked food in the middle, raw meat / fish at the bottom (where its coldest), and salad, fruit & veg in the drawers.

Step 3: Use it

  • If you have fruit, berries or leafy greens that need to be used up – blend them into your pre/post-workout protein shake for some tasty, nutritious gains.
  • Challenge yourself to make a ‘buy-free’ meal a week, using just what is already in your fridge.
  • Keep leftovers stored in the fridge for an easy next day lunch or post workout bulk-up.

This is our simple, effective fridge fitness plan – that you can start using today. Get your fridge in shape, and start saving money, keeping food fresh and reducing your impact on the environment through food waste.

keep up with  exciting things happening over the next couple of weeks and find out about our ‘Fridge Fitness Challenge’ with some well-known faces.



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