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Making the most of your pumpkins!

Making the most of your pumpkins!

It’s great fun to make lanterns with your kids, but don’t forget to use up the inside of your pumpkins after carving your Jack O’ Lanterns. After the good season there are often a glut of them on sale so use up all that lovely orange flesh and don’t let it go to waste. There are lots of things you can do with pumpkin, including a delicious and healthy pumpkin and ginger soup, a comforting pumpkin risotto, or simple roasted autumn vegetables to go with your Sunday roast. Plus, you can roast the seeds to add to salads or as a garnish for soup. For more on buying and storing pumpkins, head over to the A-Z of Foods pumpkin page.

Check out the following for some great recipe ideas for using up the pumpkin flesh:

Quick Pumpkin Soup recipe from Lilly Higgins

Love Food Hate Waste pumpkin specials

Spinach, feta and pumpkin frittata by Darina Allen

And remember, anything you don’t use can be composted. Just make sure to chop it up into small pieces and add some brown materials to your composter when adding the leftover pumpkin.