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Food Waste Free Summer Holidays

Food Waste Free Summer Holidays

Summer is here and it’s time for schools to take a break. That means less traffic on the roads…hooray! However, it’s often a time when the break in routine leads to an increase in household food waste.

The holiday season can result in food waste for many reasons. Food is frequently left in the fridge while people head away on holidays and food can go off more quickly as (if!) the temperatures go up. Here are a few helpful tips to get through the summer with as little food waste as possible:

Doing small shops the weeks before you go on holiday will ensure you don’t have a a full fridge while you’re away.

If you can, freeze any excess food so that it won’t go off.

If you’ve ended up with more than you can eat before it goes off, share it with your family/friends/neighbours. They’ll be happy to help prevent waste.

Planning a stay-cation? Bring some of the food already in the fridge…perfect for a picnic!

Try to use up leftovers before you go away. Leftovers can make wonderful light snacks or a tasty brunch.

When it’s warm outside we tend to eat less so try to reduce portion sizes with this in mind.

Using meal kit delivery services has is benefits as it only sends you exactly the ingredients that you need with perfect portions. Give it a go.

Storing foods over the summer can be trickier as temperatures rise. Check out the A-Z of Foods for more information on buying and storing foods.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin via Pexels