Cooking & Reuse

Proper use and storage of leftovers is the ideal way of reducing food waste when cooking. Whatever your level of skill, when it comes to cooking leftovers they should be treated as money saved from going down the drain. Some of the most iconic dishes were conceived from leftovers. Sunday roast can be miraculously transformed into the following nights Shepard’s pie with little effort or skill needed. Better still, taking an interest in cooking and preparing your food can see you reap the rewards instantly. Remember when life throws you lemons, make a delicious lemon cream pie! Anybody can make lemonade.

Vegetables which have the shortest shelf life of the foodstuffs which we throw out should be singled out when it comes to cooking. Learning new ways to stir fry a medley of greens, or making a comforting homemade soup can make cooking fun and satisfying. At certain times of the year there is no doubt the mountain of food which we throw out increases dramatically. Christmas time and long sunny weekends when we take the opportunity to fire up the barbecue sees us create more waste than we like to admit. These times should be seen as challenges when we get our thinking caps on and our creative juices flowing to create amazing feasts without the waste.

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