The Shopping List

Not only can it help with money and food waste but a shopping list can save you time. How often have you been at the shop and remembered that you need something all the way back there, or worse again you are half way home when you remember – arrggghhhh!

  • Make sure your shopping list is always close at hand in the kitchen. Instead of running around trying to do it all at the last minute, this allows you to add things during the week as they run out or just when you think of them.
  • Your list can be a piece of paper on the side of the fridge, a pad in the kitchen or use technology to your advantage. There are plenty of websites and smartphone apps which also link to recipes and meal plans.
  • Always link your list to some form of meal planning. Many online meal plans will actually generate a shopping list for you that you can print off or use on your smart phone if you have one
  • If you shop in the same supermarket most of the time then organise your shopping list according to how you go through the shop. This will save you time and ensure no doubling back down busy aisles
  • Many of us have our habit buys and get the same amount every week (e.g. 2 sliced pans). While this probably works most of the time, every now and then it leads to older food being binned so don’t forget to check your cupboard before you go
  • If you have checked your food waste remember the types of food that you throw out regularly and think about how you might reduce that by better planning