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Have a waste-free takeaway

Have a waste-free takeaway

Treating yourself to a takeaway? Don’t let those leftovers sit on the counter. Once they cool down, get them in the fridge to chill out until tomorrow.

On Instagram, we asked you what things you do to avoid food waste when getting takeaway. Here are the great tips you came up with:

  • Share out sauces where possible.
  • Order rice/noodles rather than chips as these can easily be reheated for a tasty lunch the following day.
  • Share portions between people.
  • Bring your own carry bag and refuse plastic cutlery, mini packs of salt, ketchup and takeaway drinks.
  • Try not to over-order.
  • Share rice as a standard rice portion is enough for two people.
  • Eat it tomorrow.
  • Split 1 portion between the kids.
  • Let infants just pick at your adult meal.
  • Only order what you know you will eat.
  • Don’t get takeaway. Batch cook and freeze instead.
  • Keep the leftovers for the following day.
  • Eat them all!

Let’s give leftovers the chill they deserve!


Cover image by catscoming via @pexels