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Storm Ophelia (Food Waste) Survival Guide

Storm Ophelia (Food Waste) Survival Guide

Stuck inside during Storm Ophelia?  If you can’t get to the shops and didn’t stock up over the weekend, don’t worry! There’s plenty you can cook from the back of the cupboard, freezer or bottom of the fruit bowl. Today is the perfect day to ‘give it a whirl’! At Stop Food Waste, we’re big on using up the food you already have. Here are some tips to getting through the day, well fed!

Back of the Cupboards

Tins are your friend on a day like today. Have a root through the back of the cupboard and you’ll find plenty of food to make an emergency meal! Kidney beans and tinned tomatoes could make the base for a great veggie chilli. Tins of tuna and sweetcorn could do for lunch.

Although tinned food should be safe to eat no matter how long you’ve had them,  it’s best to stay away from acidic foods like tinned tomatoes if they’re more than 18 months old. If a tin is bulging, leaking or badly rusted, it’s best not to chance it!


Many homes across the country are without electricity. If you can still cook, now is the time to thaw out some UFOs (unidentified frozen objects) and save them from the bin! If your cooker is down too, it’s best to keep the freezer closed to help everything stay frozen. Be careful though, if the power is out for more than a couple of hours, you shouldn’t refreeze anything that has thawed.

Frozen veg, left-overs and maybe even a frozen pizza could play an important role keeping you fed today!

Fruit and Veg

It’s still important to get your five-a-day during severe weather events.

Wrinkly fruit can be used to make smoothies or purées.

Bendy veg can be roasted, or blended to make warm, comforting soups.

Wilted leaves will perk right up if you soak them in cold water for 5 – 10 minutes.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check online for sites that give recipes based on the ingredients you already have. Try Supercook, MyFridgeFood or Good Food Ireland. 

Keep yourselves safe and well-fed today while fighting food waste!