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January Food Waste Rescue

January Food Waste Rescue

(Not-necessarily healthy) ways to use up all the healthy food you bought with great intention at the start of January…

We all did it. Hit the supermarkets with gusto last week choosing all “the right” foods that may have gone missing from our diet over Christmas. Although apparently some people succeed in eating cold salads and their 5-a-day in January, for most of us… it just doesn’t happen.

If you have a fridge half-full of food for the new you – that’s looking even less appealing now than it did last week – we’re here to help. Here’s is a list of some common January health-kick foods with ideas on how to use them up.


Did you know that by:

  1. slicing
  2. freezing
  3. blending



a banana makes a very passable ice-cream substitute! Last week’s bananas are great for this because of the extra sweetness. It goes very nicely on the side with something like apple tart.

Feeling more traditional? Banana bread is the old faithful. Once again, brown squishy ones are the best option for the cake that thinks it’s a bread.

Try the Odlum’s recipe for an indulgent way to eat Ireland’s favourite fruit. 


Bendy carrots and parsnips, soft spuds and wrinkly peppers are all gorgeous when roasted.

Although considered a rather plain vegetable by many, cauliflower is delicious when you use it to make pizza! Blend it until it looks like rice or couscous, give it a squeeze in a cloth to remove excess water and mix with seasoning and egg to make the base for your favourite pizza.

Soup is the champion rescuer of vegetables near the end of their life. Using potatoes can make it nice and creamy (as can using cream!). If you’re feeling up for it, why not save some bread and make croutons too.


Limp greens will perk right up if you soak them in ice-cold water for 10-15 minutes. Although salad leaves are still salad leaves after this trick, matching them with some nice warm roasted veggies and cheese makes them much more appealing in January. Simply sticking just a handful on the side of your plate means you can get some of that green goodness without facing a big bowl of the stuff.

With so many delicious options, we can all can get through January feeling smug because we ate all of those healthy ingredients! At this time of year, it’s the little things!