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Camping tips and tricks to minimise food waste

Camping tips and tricks to minimise food waste

Camping had become very popular over the last few months with the arrival of the staycation and the lack of options for lots of families who wanted to escape their four walls and explore Ireland. We’ve loved our own little adventures in the wild and loved following popular instagrammers as they embraced the great outdoors with their families.

We asked our followers on Instagram what they learned about food waste while camping, there were a number of challenges that were fed back to us. Lots of you mentioned with limited packing space you felt confined in what you could bring with you so you didn’t being enough food and ended up stopping off and buying more. This made you shop more cleverly and pack more cleverly on the next expedition.

The key piece of advice was to plan ahead, know what you’re cooking for lunch and dinner each day and only bring exactly what you need. No “just in case” items. Prep all your veg in advance and store in air tight containers, it makes life so much easier. If you can, cook some of the meals in advance and store in air tight containers to bring with you.

Eat everything, if you’re not bringing any “just in case” bits and bobs this shouldn’t be difficult but do aim to eat everything over your trip.

The week before heading off, check the fridge to see if there is anything you need to eat or use up before you go. Make sure you don’t come home to anything mouldy by buying and making only the amounts of food you will eat.

If you’re packing snacks ensure they won’t melt if the forecast is for a mini heat wave, try to bring things you could use again if you don’t use them up this time.

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas via pexels