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Valentines - Say it without waste

Valentines – Say it without waste

While we’re all familiar with the traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day, there are many alternatives to show love with sustainability in mind.

What could be more romantic than a home cooked meal for two? Eat up the leftovers the following day for lunch! This small act of kindness will really show that you care. Consult the updated Seasonal Calendar for an idea of what produce is in season.

Instead of buying presents, something homemade such as these chocolate truffles from The Happy Pear could be just the thing to win your heart’s delight.

A potted plant that can be planted outside in the spring is more sustainable than freshly grown flowers. Plus, your Valentine will be able to enjoy it for longer.

You may end up with leftover wine if you’re enjoying a quiet night in. It’s possible to freeze any wine in an ice cube tray…handy for adding to stews and sauces later.

If you and your loved one are dining out, do as Lady and The Tramp and share a starter or a dessert to ensure nothing goes to waste. Read the article Ten things to think about when eating out for more food waste tips.


This year to mark Valentine’s Day, how about spending some time in the outdoors? Whether it’s a picnic lunch or a flask of soup made from veggies on the turn, a trip to the park or the seaside for a romantic stroll provides a chance to connect with nature and reminds us of its beauty. Spending time outdoors gives us the motivation to make changes that will make a difference in this beautiful world. Let’s do it…together.