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Perfect Portions

When it comes to reducing the food wasted in your house, portions and the way food is served can make a big difference.

fwe-6Proper Planning

Have you ever gone to cook rice or pasta and guessed what you need, added a bit more (just to be sure!) and then had way too much? Well it happens all the time with all sorts of food and much of this becomes food waste. That is why proper portion measurements are so important. Most food packs have recommended portions on them but these are usually in weights and many people don’t weigh out their food (even though this is a great idea).

Instead, get some measuring implements that help you with the staples. Make sure to use the same one each time and then you can figure out what works for you.

When planning your meals use portion planners which will help you buy the right amount at the start. There are some very good ones online

Regardless of how you do it, try to measure out your food portions.


Serve in bowls – this allows people to take what they want while saving food for use as leftovers. Most of us would not want to save food scraped from someones plate but are happy to do so if it’s still in a bowl or pot.

If you are putting food out on a plate, start with small portions and then supplement it with serving bowls.

Many restaurants have changed plate sizes and even the scoop sizes for serving. Try the same at home. It has been found that you can reduce the amount of food on a plate by 1/4 and people will still be content with their lot.

Change the bowl sizes for kids. They are little people and using adult plates or bowls, even with smaller portions, usually means portions that are too big.

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