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GrassCycling is the natural recycling of grass by leaving grass clippings on the lawn when mowing. Once on the ground, the clippings, which contain 80-85% water, decompose quickly returning valuable nutrients like nitrogen back into the soil. However, there is a little more to GrassCycling than that. You may need to de-thatch and aerate your lawn every year or two to ensure that it works properly. But remember, leaving cuttings on your lawn all season long provides the same level of nutrients as one fertiliser application per year. GrassCycling is simple, easy and it works!

Suitable Materials: Any lawn area.

Main Advantages:

  • If you have a large lawn, GrassCycling will significantly reduce the amount of materials you are handling for collection or for home composting.
  • The cuttings reduce the need for both water and expensive fertiliser.
  • People who GrassCycle, spend up to one third less time cutting their lawns but remember, don’t cut your grass too short. You leave it a bit longer than normal so the clippings are not too big.

For more information check out our grasscycling leaflet and here is a case study from a grasscycling pilot project from Killorglan, Co. Kerry.

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