Stop Food Waste Week

Food Waste Solutions

Day 3 of Stop Food Waste Week is all about food waste prevention solutions.

How do you plan, shop, store and use food?

Try taking a shelfie. Take a photo of what you have in your fridge, freezer or cupboard. Use the photo to remind you of what you have and what you need! That’s a shelfie.

Eating locally produced foods in season is a great way to reduce your environmental impact!
Here’s what you can expect to source this month.

Download the calendar for the year to learn what’s in season each month.

The food waste hacks are a big hit. The top hacks are now available for download.

It’s not too late to enter the competition…

Simply set up a ‘share shelf’ in your place of work and tag Stop Food Waste on Instagram using the hashtag #shareshelf.

If you’re wondering what a ‘share shelf’ is, it’s any area that’s designated to food sharing. It could be a cupboard, fridge space or counter.

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