Composting Systems

Food Burial and Trenching

hc-system-3Burying vegetative food scraps is an ancient practice and has been in use in Ireland for many years. The traditional methods used are food burial (where food is buried in holes) and trenching (where food is buried in trenches). Once you have your hole or trench dug, a batch of food is then added. The key is to chop up your food wastes into small pieces and then mix them with the soil at the bottom before covering over with the remaining soil. This is then allowed to break down in the ground and, because it is buried, will not attract any pests or animals.

Suitable Materials: Vegetative food scraps – remember, the smaller the pieces the quicker they will break down.

Main Advantages:

  • Simple way to deal with food scraps.
  • Decomposes in – months.
  • Enriches soil over time.
  • Ideal for allotment gardening. Can be done in conjunction with a rotation system in a veggie patch.

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