Composting Systems


hc-system-5Bokashi is a good way to deal with your food scraps, especially if you have limited garden space. In an airtight container EM, which is a combination of naturally-occurring bacteria and yeast, anaerobically ferment organic wastes. All kitchen wastes including cooked food, bread, cheese and uncooked meats can be composted in this way. When finished in the Bokashi system, the fermented or ‘pickled’ materials are buried in your garden where they break down very quickly. The materials can also be mixed and buried within your compost heap but it is best to bury them in the garden soil.

Suitable Materials: All food wastes (if chopped up into small pieces they will decompose faster).

Main Advantages:

  • It can compost all domestic food waste, though you will need some garden space to bury the ‘pickled’ materials.
  • Because the system works under airless conditions there is little smell so it can be used indoors – though any warm and dry place will do.
  • It is a compact system that can be put anywhere, including your kitchen.

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