Survive the grocery shop this Christmas!

We all know what it’s like, you go into your local supermarket to “pick up a few bits in case people call” and you end up with a trolley load of treats and tipples you would never normally buy but because it’s Christmas “ah shur I may as well, Uncle Gerry might like some pâté and crackers. Auntie Mary loves a nice cheese board!”.

Problem is Uncle Gerry and Auntie Mary will arrive (if they do make it to you) full to the gills and not remotely interested in the mound of cheese and pâté you have in your already too full fridge waiting for them.

So, this year let’s all do our best to avoid over shopping, it’s just one day folks and then the shops are open again…

Our top tips are as follows:

  1. When you go to the supermarket to get a pint of milk and a few bits, grab the smaller trolley or even a basket, it will rein in the capacity to load it up.
  2. Better again, go online and do your shopping. You definitely won’t spend as much and you’ll end up removing items at the checkout page.
  3. Budget and beat the ATM. Make a list, set a budget and bring only cash with you. Better again, grab one of those scan as you shop yokes and be sure of what you’re spending.
  4. End of aisle displays and fresh food smells are triggers to buy more – know the enemy and make good choices that are FROM THE LIST YOU MADE.
  5. Stay focussed – keep that list in your hand – when you venture down an aisle where everything has been moved about to confuse you and entice you to add other things to the trolley, keep walking.
  6. Did you know why shelves are laid out the way they are?

Top = Smaller and gourmet brands that don’t have the budgets to pay for better placement.

Mid = Here you tend to see higher-priced items or items with the highest markup.

Kids eye level = Specifically located with child appeal. If possible, leave the children at home.

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