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World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day

Here at Stop Food Waste, we love our porridge! No matter the time of year, we keep ourselves well fuelled with daily bowls of oaty goodness!

Although some of our favourite ideas form over morning bowls of porridge, the best way to go about making it is a very divisive topic in our office! The only thing we all agree on is that it definitely shouldn’t be wasted!

To make sure none of our porridge ends up in the compost we use a measured, Stop Food Waste porridge scoop. No matter how many people are ‘in the pot’, no precious porridge goes to waste!

These are simply 100 ml scoops that are a perfect portion for one person. We give these scoops out at events all over the country but if you don’t have one (yet), any similar sized cup or scoop works – as long as you get used to using it!

These 100 ml scoops are the perfect portion for rice too.


To celebrate World Porridge Day, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to eat porridge.


Stop Food Waste Porridge Profiles:

Colum: The Honey-Monster

1 scoop oats

2.5 scoops low fat milk

Drizzled with lots of delicious Irish honey


Lynda & Safaa: The Sweet Tooths

1 scoop oats

2.5 scoops low fat milk

Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon


Sarah: The Water Baby

1 scoop oats

2.5 scoops water

Splash of milk or almond milk and sliced fruit


Adrian: The Minimalist

1 scoop oats

2.5 scoops milk

Spoon of sugar


Keelin: The Chef

1 scoop oats

2 scoops water & half scoop milk

Topped with tahini, granola, date syrup and pear


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