'Creating a Low Sustainable Future: Practical actions for communities'

23 Feb

Killkenny Ormonde Hotel

South East Public Participation Networks (PPNs) and the Irish Environmental Network are coming together to organise a free workshop in Kilkenny on Saturday February 23rd. Register to attend this collaborative event and explore effective actions for your community.

Organised by the Public Participation Networks of five counties; Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford and Carlow, in collaboration with the Irish Environmental Network, this event will bring together people from across the South East to explore ideas and actions that can be replicated in your locality, whether at home or in the community. With an impressive line up of speakers and facilitators, this day will give great insight into the challenges that communities are faced with and the possibilities that exist for positive change, while also providing inspiration and working examples of ideas that have already been put into action.

A representative from Stop Food Waste will be on hand to provide useful information on food waste reduction and composting. Find out how your community could benefit from taking the Stop Food waste Challenge (training).

For more, see here or check out the Facebook event.