Food Waste in Your Business

How to Carry Out a Food Waste General Assessment

The general assessment is really just a basic analysis of bills and maybe some actual weighing of food waste bins. This will give an overview of site wide information with little or no specifics about where and when the food waste is actually produced.

Ideally every business should already be doing this as part of good waste management practices. If your business has a brown bin service then this information may already be provided. If not, then you should separate all food waste into separate food waste bins (this is the law) and weigh them before they are removed. From this you will have a rough idea of the weight of food waste being removed.

Using the weight of food waste you are throwing out, you should be able to estimate the annual food waste cost to your business. This is usually a great motivator to address the food waste issue. From this you can then focus on some of the main areas that are generating this waste by doing more detailed food waste assessments.

Remembereven if you have brown bins 15% of your mixed waste may be food waste. By using clear plastic bags for your mixed waste (this is good practice) it makes it easy to check these bags periodically to make sure there is not a lot of food waste going here and your waste management system is working correctly.


Find out how to carry out a more thorough source assessment or a detailed assessment.

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