Mark Earth Hour this year!

Every year, at the end of March, images of the Eiffel Tower, Sydney’s Opera House or the Empire State Building powered off go around the world. This is not due to a large scale electricity cut, but to the “Earth Hour” movement across the globe. This year, the given time is from 8:30 to 9:30pm (local time) on the 30th of March.

What is Earth hour?

“Earth Hour” is an initiative set up by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), which brings together individuals, communities, governments and companies to commit to switching off their lights during a one hour period.

After its launch in 2008, the action has quickly and widely spread, turning into the global movement it is today. Last year, hundreds of millions of people, including more than 9 millions people in the UK, took part in the action along with 188 countries and territories, leading to the switch off of more than 17,900 landmarks and monuments.

What happens that day?

The basic principle is for participants to switch off their lights for one hour, between 8:30 and 9:30 pm according to everybody’s time zone, whether in houses at an individual level, in the streets in cities or in the most iconic buildings at national levels. As Earth Hour has become a real movement, collective actions and celebrations are organised for the occasion each year.

What’s the impact?

Many critics highlight that this action set on such a short period of time has a very small concrete impact on reducing carbon dioxide release or any other pollution, but Earth Hour’s point is elsewhere: it is to set a symbolic time during which people all around the world show their willingness to act to tackle climate change and protect the Earth, at various levels of power. Some studies have shown that in terms of impact, since getting involved in Earth Hour, some people have subsequently changed their behaviour taking actions to reduce their environmental impact.

What are you going to do for Earth Hour 2019?

If celebrating Earth Hour is not already part of your plan, why not take part in the movement this year? Whether you remain at home and pursue activities by candlelight for one hour, participate to some public celebration or invite friends to join in the occasion, all involvement counts!

This year’s edition of Earth Hour is part of a broader World Wildlife Fund (WWF) #Connect2Earth campaign. This campaign calls for reconnection to the Earth. After all, our planet’s gain is everyone’s gain. Efforts to prevent food waste and achieve greater sustainability in our plates are highlighted by WWF as essential to a more sustainable world, so besides switching off your lights on the 30th of March, don’t forget to keep up your best efforts to Stop Food Waste as well! 😉

The 2019 Earth Hour campaign trailer will provide you with more information about the event.

Here is a short list of events taking place in Ireland. We can expect details of further events closer we get to the big day:

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