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High Tech Systems


When people think of composting they usually think of large gardens and green compost bins. Recently, new high tech systems have been developed for city living. These usually consist of an insulated and airtight container that speed up the composting process and keep odours to a minimum through using a filter system. Some use small amounts of electricity to speed up the composting process and do all the mixing for you. To ensure that a good quality compost is produced, sawdust pellets can be added along with the food scraps to ensure that a good green/brown mix is maintained. Two examples are the Naturemill and Biolan 0.

Suitable Materials: All food wastes though the larger pieces should be chopped up first.

Main Advantages:

  • They can compost all kitchen scrap materials, though they are expensive to buy.
  • Because these units are sealed, and use filter systems for any odours generated, they can be used indoors – though any warm and dry place would be ideal.
  • Some are fully automated systems that heat and turn the composting materials for you.
  • They are very compact and are ideal for those with no garden or limited space.

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