Composting Systems

Food Digestion Cones


These look like regular compost bins but have an extra buried chamber under the ground. They use heat from the sun to stimulate passive aeration which speeds up the composting process. Digesters have tight fitting lids and holes or mesh screens in the bottom which provide access to the soil. When digging these systems in, always try and place them in a well-drained, sunny spot. With these systems, you simply add in your food scraps which gather in the underground chamber and decompose out of harms way. Some systems use additives, such as inoculants, enzymes, or nutrients to accelerate break down and stimulate the composting process.

Suitable Materials: All food wastes can be added but make sure to chop them up so they will decompose faster. These systems are not designed to handle garden materials.

Main Advantages:

  • Can handle consistent supply of food scraps.
  • Only need to empty system every year or two.
  • Can be used to compost or digest meat, fish and pet wastes.

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