The Basics

Benefits of Composting

You can reap a heap of benefits from composting including:

Cut waste expenses and save money
On average, food and garden wastes make up over 1/3 of household waste. Both buying food that goes to waste and waste disposal are expensive. By preventing food waste and composting what you can you will save money on bills.

Prevent waste and conserve resources
By composting at home, you reduce the need to collect, process, treat and/or dispose of biodegradable materials. This saves landfill space and the fuel needed to move things around.

Build healthy soil
Compost is magical stuff – especially if you have made it at home yourself. It is full of nutrients and life. It improves the soil’s fertility, texture, structure and moisture & nutrient-holding capacity. And remember, healthy soils grow healthy, disease resistant plants.

Protect biodiversity
Peat moss from Ireland’s bogs and peatlands has been used for many years as a soil improver and for potting mixes. Peatlands are home to wonderful species of flora and fauna, many of them both important and endangered. By composting at home, you will reduce the need to purchase peat moss and in turn help protect the biodiversity of Ireland’s peatlands.

Preserve our environment
Much food and garden materials still end up in landfill. Here they rot underground and produce foul liquids, odours and methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide. Composting at home is the most environmentally friendly way to manage biodegradable materials and puts them to productive use.

Read our guide to using compost at home.

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