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There are many different ways to compost so regardless of whether you want to deal with just grass, or live in a small urban house with little garden space, there is a compost system for you. The Master Composter programme aims to train people on all aspects of home composting so that they can then work in and with their communities to promote home composting and food waste prevention.

Typically run in conjunction with local authorities, the courses are run over 6 – 8 weeks for groups of up to 30 people. They provide a mix of technical information and hands on experience and, as part of the programme, a demonstration site is built. The demonstration sites are designed to be a local resource where people can be brought to see how composting works and to support other local training initiatives. Consequently, the Master Composter programme has resulted in the establishment of many home composting demonstration sites in locations such as public parks, allotments, adult education centres, and housing estates.

Anyone can become a Master Composter – you do not have to already be an expert in composting or even interested in gardening. During the training course, you will be trained in all aspects of home composting including the basics (how it works) and the how to compost using the different systems (holding bins, wormeries, etc.). In addition to all things composting we also provide training about all aspects of food waste, and more importantly how to prevent it!

Once trained we expect our volunteers to commit some of their time to help promote home composting and food waste prevention in their local communities. How any individual volunteer decides to do this is completely up to them and we love to hear new and innovative ideas. Stop Food Waste will be there to provide any extra training, expertise or materials that may be needed for your local initiatives. Master Composters have been involved in hundreds of activities, from Saint Patrick’s Day floats to sharing recipes for Christmas leftovers, from summer fairs to winter markets. They have answered thousands of queries about home composting and food waste management. As well as helping others (and the environment), the Master Composters have benefited greatly from their training – some have gone on to do vocational courses in organic horticulture and similar disciplines.

Stop Food Waste wants to continue to partner with individuals and communities throughout the country to help develop Master Composter initiatives. If you are interested please Contact Us or the environmental section of your local authority.

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