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Create a habit this January

Create a habit this January

Instead of making resolutions we know we will never keep, make a change and take something up!


Go veggie

It needn’t be a chore to opt out of meat eating for the month or some days of the week. You’ll probably save yourself a packet and it may surprise you how much you’ll enjoy the challenge.


Eat your freezer

Have a root in the cupboards, fridge and freezer and come up with a few thrifty meals with what you already have.



Nosh up on eggs. They are nutritious, affordable, convenient and versatile. Get cracking!


Bust them bills

We all know that at some point this month we’ll need to sit down and go through the bills. If you’re looking at making some money saving changes, take a look at your bills for bins. Is there anything you can do to cut down on waste? Maybe now is the time to phone the bin company and ask for a brown bin or perhaps it’s time to finally establish that wormery.


Bring a packed lunch

Save your pennies but be kind to yourself. Don’t bother with salads that don’t appeal. Get into homemade soups that you know you’ll be looking forward to come lunchtime and don’t even enter the convenience store so you won’t be tempted.


Love lentils

Try making dahl and you’ll soon wonder why this wasn’t always a regular midweek option. The fancier puy lentils are a great alternative to mince in a bolganese or lasagne.


Stay in

Bust the January blues by sharing food with friends. Invite people round rather than dining out and ask someone to cater for starters and someone else to organise dessert. Everyone will enjoy the chance to socialise without a hefty bill at the end.