Composting Systems

Compost Bins and Heaps

hc-system-1This is the most common form of composting in Ireland with many local authorities supplying these compost bins at reduced prices.With this form of composting materials are simply added to the heap, composting area or bin as they are generated. Generally, materials that are added in one season are ready as compost for the next. The speed of composting and the quality of the end product can be improved by chopping and mixing materials as they are being added, monitoring and maintaining the proper moisture levels, operating more than one heap or bin at a time and turning the compost regularly. This type of composting works best if given plenty of air pockets and space for air to flow through so adding twigs, woodchips, straw, and hedge trimmings helps. And always remember: try for a good mix of greens and browns – these are the essential ingredients.

Suitable Materials: Soft landscape materials to start with, e.g. grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, old plants, flowers, etc. Vegetative food scraps can be buried into the composting materials once the compost heap is well established.

Main Advantages:

  • Simple, low maintenance system. Better if turned regularly – it will compost faster.
  • Ideal for homes with small gardens and for people who do not want to spend a lot of time working on their compost.
  • Can also be used to compost turf/sod or leaves on their own.

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